Take time before attacking your ‘problems’

All of us have the natural tendency to fight and resist everything that is not to our liking. Often, without taking the time to think and reflect on some of the «unpleasant» happenings in our life, we attack everything that threatens our «calm» and «serene» life. Only later, with time and with the attainment of a certain level of maturity, we become aware of a truth – the truth that we fail to accept for a long time: we have been unfair in our judgment of some of our past «mishappenings». We realize, usually with regret, that not everything we called a problem was rightly labeled so. We should also note that this is one of those facts of life that not everyone is capable of discerning. And even those who will eventually have the right understanding of this vital truth, such enlightenment often comes with some delay: usually after they have made wrong decisions, and have done a lot of damage!

In any case, one day everyone will understand that some of the issues of our life, which we have so assiduously resisted, were not against us, but they were for our good.

For some, perhaps, this will become apparent only in eternity. Others, while still right here on earth, may come to the realization that will help them avoid countless mistakes and even get a chance to make corrections.

It all depends on our ability and willingness to seek, understand, and accept God’s will!

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