Are you willing to fight?

Many believers are complaining about the lack of blessings in different areas of their life. They ask in disbelief, «Why am I not seeing the blessings which God has promised me as a believer?» I think a different question needs to be asked, and it’s something that we should be asking ourselves and not God. The question we should ask is, «Am I ready to fight for my blessings, my God-given rights?»

So let’s be honest with ourselves. Do we want to engage in a spiritual warfare and fight against those things that are hindering our blessings?

Are we willing to pay the price of freedom from spiritual bondage? We wish our situation would change but do we want to change ourselves?

Usually, with many issues in our life, we already know what to do, but we try to avoid it. We don’t want confrontations. We are afraid to leave our comfort zone or maybe we are just lazy and reluctant.

So begin now by asking the right questions. And take a bold decision to start the fight for change right now. With the help of God, let the battle begin now!

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Remain blessed!


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